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Welcome to Home Grown Food

Welcome to Home Grown Food. Here we will give you articles with tips on how to grow your own food, in the sense of fruit and vegetables, in your own backyard.

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Friday, 05 August 2011 13:21


Among the earliest crops in spring, plantings of this hardy perennial can last for decades if well cared for, and the fine foliage makes it a natural for edible landscaping. The tender spears are tastiest when eaten as soon as possible after harvest.


Prefers loose, deep soils high in organic matter. Prefers pH near 7.0, but tolerates a wide range. Add lime and fertilizer before establishment.

Small, yellowish green. Older varieties such as Mary Washington have male and female flowers on separate plants. Male flowers are larger and longer than female.

Growing Beets PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 02 August 2011 17:00

Easy-to-grow beets do double-duty in the kitchen, producing tasty roots for baking, boiling or sautéing and fresh greens to boil or steam. Plant them early for top quality and best flavor. (Fluctuating weather can reduce quality and create white zone rings in the roots.) Some varieties have red stems and venation in the leaves, making them a natural for edible landscaping.

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Wednesday, 03 August 2011 09:08

How To Grow Beets from Seed & Why You Should
I have no idea why I first started growing beets, since I had never eaten one in my life. The only time I had come face to face with any was a few times during childhood, when scary looking, reddish-purple discs would sometimes appear on restaurant salads. Fortunately my mother was quick to reach over and stab the offending things with her fork, always murmuring "I love beets!" as she popped them into her mouth.

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Perfect Vegetables for Large Garden Pots PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 30 July 2011 17:20

Perfect Vegetables for Large Garden Pots

Container gardening is perfect for indoor gardening or for those who have limited yard space to focus on growing vegetables they actually want.  Important aspects to consider when preparing vegetables for container gardening if is the amount of space each one requires any amount of sunlight, especially for those who plan on indoor gardening.  Some seeds are even available for “mini” vegetables, which are specifically for growing vegetables in large garden pots.

Here are 11 ideas for planting vegetables in containers:


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